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Hypothermias shaved ice carries three brands of ice shavers or shaved ice machines.  We feel the Hatsuyuki, Swan and Global Bear shavers are the best on the market.  Each shaver produces the Best shave ice possible.  Hypothermias has personally used each machine in extreme environments to make sure the machine can handle the most demanding operation.
  • Hatsuyuki HC 8E (115 volt) QUICK VIEW Hatsuyuki HC 8E (115 volt) $ 1,895.00 USD $ 1,695.00 USD SALE

    Hatsuyuki HC 8E (115 volt)

    $ 1,695.00 USD $ 1,895.00 USD

    Hatsuyuki's UL and NSF listed cube ice shaver. This shaved ice machine has an adjustable blade to produce snow that is very light and fluffy. When the lid is open, the...
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  • Hatsuyuki HF-500E (115 volt) QUICK VIEW Hatsuyuki HF-500E (115 volt) $ 2,195.00 USD $ 1,995.00 USD SALE

    Hatsuyuki HF-500E (115 volt)

    $ 1,995.00 USD $ 2,195.00 USD

    Hatsuyuki's UL and NSF listed block ice shaver. One of the finest block ice shavers on the planet. Blade adjustment on machine produces light and fluffy shave ice. When safety...
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  • Hatsuyuki HA-110S (Manual) QUICK VIEW Hatsuyuki HA-110S (Manual) from $ 845.00 USD

    Hatsuyuki HA-110S (Manual)

    $ 845.00 USD

    Introducing Hatsuyuki's manual block ice shaver. Very easy to use. Unique blade adjustment enables user to produce very light and fluffy shave ice. This machine is an excellent choice for...
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  • Hatsuyuki HC8EDC (12 volt) QUICK VIEW Hatsuyuki HC8EDC (12 volt) $ 2,095.00 USD $ 1,895.00 USD SALE

    Hatsuyuki HC8EDC (12 volt)

    $ 1,895.00 USD $ 2,095.00 USD

    Hatsuyuki's battery operated cube ice shaver. This shaver has the same features as the Hatsuyuki HC-8E but is powered by a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery (not included). The...
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  • Hatsuyuki HF-50DC (12 volt) QUICK VIEW Hatsuyuki HF-50DC (12 volt) from $ 2,195.00 USD

    Hatsuyuki HF-50DC (12 volt)

    $ 2,195.00 USD

    Introducing Hatsuyuki's 12 volt block shaved ice machine. Same features as the Hatsuyuki HF-500E but 12 volt. Easy to use. Just hook the shaver to a 40 AH (amp/hour) deep cycle...
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  • Hatsuyuki HC 77A (115 volt) QUICK VIEW Hatsuyuki HC 77A (115 volt) $ 1,795.00 USD $ 1,595.00 USD SALE

    Hatsuyuki HC 77A (115 volt)

    $ 1,595.00 USD $ 1,795.00 USD

    Hatsuyuki's largest cube ice shaver. This ice shaver uses cube ice for easy shaving. This machine has the largest hopper available and will hold 77 pieces of ice. Blade adjustment...
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  • Hatsuyuki HC-S32A (115 volt) QUICK VIEW Hatsuyuki HC-S32A (115 volt) $ 1,595.00 USD $ 1,395.00 USD SALE

    Hatsuyuki HC-S32A (115 volt)

    $ 1,395.00 USD $ 1,595.00 USD

    Hatsuyuki latest compact cube shaved ice machine to hit the market. The HC-S32A is the replacement for the Hatsuyuki HC-6. This compact ice shaver is great for businesses that have limited counter space but...
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  • Swan SI-100E Block Shaved Ice Shaver (115 volt) QUICK VIEW Swan SI-100E Block Shaved Ice Shaver (115 volt) $ 2,395.00 USD $ 2,195.00 USD SALE

    Swan SI-100E Block Shaved Ice Shaver (115 volt)

    $ 2,195.00 USD $ 2,395.00 USD

    The Swan SI-100E block ice shaver is a high quality, heavy-duty commercial shaved ice machine. This machine will last years even with daily use.  The Swan is UL and NSF...
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  • Global Bear Ice Shaver (115 volt) QUICK VIEW Global Bear Ice Shaver (115 volt) OUT OF STOCK

    Global Bear Ice Shaver (115 volt)

    $ 1,680.00 USD

    Sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock.

    Introducing the Global Bear Ice Shaver.  Specially designed to shave snow block (Ribbon Ice) or some people call it Taiwanese Ice.  This shaver can also shave ice!  The Global Bear...
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