1. How much money can I make in the shaved ice business?

I have been in the shaved ice business for 17 years and this has been my experience:

1. Events-Usually $1700-$2700 a day selling the shaved ice for $3.00 a piece with two people running the business at a time.

2. Permanent location-- $400-$700 a day selling the shaved ice for $2.50 apiece with one person running the business at a time.


2. How do I find out about locations or events for shaved ice?

The best sources for events are the local newspaper and the Chamber of Commerce and the web.  The Chamber of Commerce usually has a list of events that are held throughout the year.

For permanent locations, I've found that locating in front of a busy store (Discount Stores, gas stations and family fun parks) works the best.

When you purchase a shaved ice business we will discuss with you on a phone conference on the best locations for your business.


3. What kind of licensing is required to operate the shaved ice business?

Usually a health board permit and occupation license is required to operate the shaved ice business. Licensing varies from state to state. You can easily find out what is required in your state by calling the health board (phone number is located in the government section of the phone book) and licensing branch in you area.


4. Why should I use the flower cup for shaved ice?

MORE PROFIT. You're able to charge a higher price for the shaved ice and also, in my experience, shaved ice flower cup increase sales by 50% over not using the flower cup. Using the flower cup to serve shaved ice creates excitement. Kids love them because they look fun and intriguing. Parents love them because the kids stay cleaner (no mess when the shaved ice melts or falls).


5. How do I find financing for the purchase of a shaved ice trailer?

Many of my customers have purchased a trailer by getting a loan from their bank, second mortgage on their house, or simply using their credit card for the purchase price. A new way to finance the purchase of a shaved ice business is by using a lease company. Most lease companies will do a lease purchase for the trailer. Just look in the phone book under "leasing" for a company near your area.


6. Are there franchising fees for the use of Hypothermias products?

NO, You can buy a turnkey business or just a quart of concentrate with no franchise fees.


7. Why should I use Hypothermias flavors?

Over the past 23 years I have sampled many flavors and found that most of the flavors taste artificial. Hypothermias flavors DO NOT taste artificial. I believe they are the best on the market.


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