Slush Base

Do you love a Slushie from the local convenience store? You too can now make a Slushy at home with Hypothermias natural, tasty syrups! Do you want something delicious, new and exciting for your next party? How about making Slushie cocktails!?! Hypothermias PREMIUM QUALITY Family-owned Slushie Syrups are made in small batches with NATURAL PURE CANE SUGAR and the finest GOURMET ingredients available. Hypothermias ONE OF A KIND REFRESHING TASTE makes an awesome Slushy that’ll cool you down when the weather is hot. Nothing chills better than ice, and nothing tastes better than Hypothermias Slushie flavor.

HELLO SUMMER! A Slushie and Slurpee is not just for summer anymore. You can enjoy it all year long! Hypothermias Slushee syrup can warm you up when it’s chilly outside with sunny memories of summer.

No corn syrup. Caffeine-free. Made with pure cane sugar. Made in the USA. Easy to store. NO REFRIGERATION needed. Keep away from sunlight. The life of syrup is 6 months stored at room temperature out of sunlight. ORDER SOON WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!


 🌈 FAMILY-OWNED, HANDCRAFTED SLUSHIE FLAVOR SYRUPS that are Loved by Kids and Approved by Parents! Our family-run business creates artisan Slushy syrup flavors that are delicious and free of all the bad stuff so you can feel good about serving our Icee syrup to your family.

 🌴 PURE CANE SUGAR | NO CORN SYRUP - Our GOURMET Icee Slushie Syrup is made in small batches with 100% PURE CANE SUGAR. Much of the Slush syrup on the market today is made with corn syrup, a cheap and unhealthy sweetener. Constant use of high-fructose corn syrup can lead to obesity and other such health problems. Unlike our competitors, we use absolutely NO CORN SUGAR in our Slurpee syrups, offering your family a much more HEALTHY and NATURAL option.

 🏖 TIME FOR SOME TASTY TREATS with our SLUSH SYRUP - Now you can enjoy commercial quality Slushies and Icees at home with Hypothermias professional Icee and Slushee syrups. If you want syrups to make your own homemade Icee treats, look no further!